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Rent Boat
Our boats
Rentals High Speed Porto Heli
Our company "Afros Rent a boat" which is based in Porto Heli in Argolis, offer to rent speedboats at economical prices.
Renting one of the boats - high speed of our business, you have the opportunity for a whole day to explore the beaches of Porto Heli, of Spetses and the surrounding areas, swim in secluded beaches that can not be accessed by vehicle and why not discover your own private beach.
All our vessels carry second auxiliary motor 5 hp and have a tent, bathing ladder, anchor, balloons, floats, rescue (fire extinguisher, smoke, fireworks, floating anchor, pharmacy, lifebuoy, rowing, knife, flashlight, rope, bucket, hook ).
All engines are four-stroke.
Before granting board performed the necessary training - your acquaintance with the boat.

Boat: Afros
Meters: 5,5
Motor: 30 HP Honda 
people: 7

Boat: Afros
Meters: 5,5
Motor: 30 - 40 HP Yamaha 
people: 7

Boat: Afros
Meters: 4,7
Motor: 15 HP Honda
people: 5

Boat: Afros
Meters: 5,2
Motor: 60 HP Mercury
people: 6

Boat: Afros
Meters: 6,5
Motor: 150 HP Yamaha 
people: 8

 Helpful hints
1) Regularly check the fuel quantity.
2) Make sure the Pin is in place.
3) The passengers are properly positioned.
4) Beware of the waste water of large ships.
5) We wear life jackets when the weather worsened and found downwind area to guard.
6) Never abandon the vessel unless necessary.
 General information on boat rental
Up 30 horsepower to polyester and 15 in inflatable speedboat operator does not need permission. But it is necessary to have some experience and special July August where there is a large vessel traffic density and ships. There is a possibility of training or to accompany someone experienced operator for your first outings. The exploration of drives swimming fishing observation of the seabed are some of the activities you can do by renting a boat.
Before each rental is update
1) main function and auxiliary engine
2) survival craft
3) Bottom morphology shallow reefs and residues
4) weather
5) beaches with bathers
6) recognition site in a nautical map
 obligations landlord
Be over 18 years. To refuse boarding to those who do not know swimming or greater number of occupants than that given by the Permit to Operate. Knowing the key maritime safety rules and to feel able to handle the boat. To restore damage caused by wrong handling.
Insurance coverage only against third parties.
1) alcohol consumption and the use of toxic substances
2) removal from the start beyond three nautical miles (Kosta- Zogeria- Apollo)
3) Scuba Diving illegal fishing the traction skiers, coils and other
4) greater speed than 5 knots in port, on the island of
Hinitsa and near the coastline (200 meters)
5) return after 18.00 pm
6) swimmers safe approach distance of 200 meters

For more information contact us.
Porto Heli / Argolida
Tel: 6944512932